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Forestry Commission Scotland owns and manages much of the land in Strathard. In the first instance, please direct any queries or complaints about FCS activities directly to the Forestry offices in Aberfoyle on 03000 676600. Should you encounter any difficulty or be unhappy with the outcome, do please then contact the community council for advice or assistance. Below are the issues for which we receive most queries:

Timber Lorries

A varying percentage of forestry loads use public roads in and around Aberfoyle. Contractors are expected to drive safely and avoid school routes at relevant times (8.45 - 9.15 and 15.00 - 15.30). Nor should there be 'convoys' of lorries. Please advise Forestry of any dangerous driving or other complaints, providing date and time of incident to enable them to follow through with their contractors.

B829 Timber Haulage 2017/18 - details here and map here.

Tree Branches
Please report directly to FCS any specific locations on Forestry land where overhanging branches (e.g. on parts of the B829) scratch cars or reduce traffic safety.
NB: vegetation on verges however is the responsibility of Stirling Council.

Lochs Arklet and Katrine Planting
Two papers outlining the greatly reduced planting scheme for Loch Arklet and the agreed process to review matters relating to planting at Lochs Arklet and Katrine can be found
here. Any matters of concern about Forestry operations in these areas which you wish raised at the community/FCS review meetings should be reported to the community council as soon as possible.

Current activities in the area are shown

There is a map showing the planting schedule over the five years of the project.
NB this is a large 7mb file, reduced quality version here

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