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Kinlochard mobile phone signal


After being approached by residents of Kinlochard in 2012 about an MP-sponsored initiative to bring mobile phone signals to villages that were 'mobile not-spots', we applied on their behalf. Local opinion was overwhelmingly in support of having a mobile signal for safety, business, personal and social reasons. Worries expressed several years ago about the visual and health impacts of a large mobile phone mast were not an issue, since these small transmitters work using broadband-based technology, and planning permission is not needed. A domestic version of this 'femto' system (Sure Signal) is already used by some Strathard residents in and around their own homes. A report on the first test site in the UK can be found here.

We have been told that hundreds of villages across the UK applied via their MP for this opportunity, so Kinlochard was fortunate in winning its way through to be one of the final succcessful 12, with the only other Scottish location being in Shetland.

Having coverage means that 999 calls can be made from any mobile network which alone provides a huge benefit, although otherwise calls will have to be made by Vodafone.

Five transmitters reaching 300-500 metres will be installed initially, giving coverage in Kinlochard village from the sailing club to Forest Hills and across some of Loch Ard. We expect the work will be done in March 2013. The trial will involve Vodafone checking coverage and the impact of issues like trees, then trying to resolve these.

Our thanks to the five 'hosts' for the Vodafone equipment: Kinlochard Village Hall, Forest Hills Hotel, Go Country plus private homeowners who kindly got involved to ensure better coverage where there were no business sites possible.

The transmitters indeed went live on 19-21 March 2013, and we are keen to hear who gets reception and where. Just drop us a feedback message please, letting us know where you can get a signal (or not), and how strong it is - contact us

There was an official launch with MP Anne McGuire present in July 2013 - see the press release

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