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In early 2016 the Government decision was finally announced to approve measures aimed at dramatically improving the experience on pressured lochshores, as proposed by Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority. This had been the subject of a consultation in early 2015, and feedback from local people and the Community Council was reflected in the final proposals submitted for approval, including extending the lochsides covered by the new byelaws, which are seasonal from March to September. Over past years increasing concerns have been raised over the behaviour of a minority of visitors who failed to treat areas of natural beauty like Strathard and other areas within the Park with respect, and these byelaws address a remaining target within our last Community Action Plan: “to make sure that wild-camping does not disrupt or despoil the area”.
Trossachs West Management Zone map shows that to some degree most lochsides in Strathard and also the B829 corridor from Milton to Loch Arklet will be covered by the measures from 2017. More information can be found online here. See also:

Camping Proposals for Loch Chon

As part of the Government requirement, 300 camping pitches (at a campsite or via a permit) are to be created by March 2017, across the four Management Zones in the Park. The first of these announced was Loch Chon in Strathard. The National Park made a Planning application (to National Park Planning) in May 2016 for a 33-pitch campsite. Planning application 2016/0151/DET - see here on how to access details.
There had been no consultation with the local community on these plans and the initial view of many local residents and the Community Council was that the campsite plans were far from optimal and could be improved.

Camping Proposals for Loch Ard

Plans for a further 9-pitch 'camping permit area' were disclosed on 4 July 2016 at a public meeting.

Update 13 July 2016 in response to queries by the Community Council

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