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Any local feedback about current planning applications is always welcomed by the community council, which reviews every local application. Full details and supporting documents are available on the National Park's website for all recent and new applications on ‘e-planning’ via this link – you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions then do a search.

New applications are published by the National Park in a weekly list and also each week an ‘extant list’ shows open applications - see here. However response deadlines are extremely tight for the community council to make any input into the process, so please do not delay getting in touch with us if you wish to make any comments to assist our review of any planning application. You can of course submit your own comments or response directly to the National Park.

Any other issues relating to Planning the National Park staff will be able to help and advise. The Community Council may be able to help too in some instances, for example by submitting queries on your behalf.

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