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A81 Road closure near Balfron Station - Information supplied by Scottish Water

1 September 2017
Temporary closure starts for 3 months from 18 September - update from Scottish Water

Our contractors, George Leslie Ltd, will be starting work on bridge repairs on the 18 of September and we will be closing a section of the A81 for approximately 3 months. Road signs will start to appear as of next week preparing road users in the area for the closure. Map and information here.
Scottish Water appreciate this is going to be disruptive for the local communities and people passing through this area. If you would like any further information at this time please feel free to email or call Scott Fraser, Corporate affairs Regional Manager, Mobile: 07875872872 Scottish Water –

30 May 2017
Temporary closure starts for 3 weeks from Tuesday 30 May.

  • In line with its previous commitment Scottish Water has kept the A81 open during school holidays and bank holiday weekends, but there will be a closure as expected before the summer holiday period. The road will be open during the main summer holiday period of July and August.
  • The closure will be for three weeks and diversion routes will be put in place. We are expecting enhanced signage reflecting concerns raised by local communities about the impact of the closure.
  • Scottish Water will be carrying out further investigation works during June in advance of the main project which will commence around September 2017. Plans are being made for a range of significant measures be introduced in future to try and prevent any re-occurrence.

22 April 2017

No further information on planned repair dates is available.

19 January 2017

A useful information and discussion session was held on 19 January attended by Scottish Water, local community councils, MSPs and Stirling Councillors.

  • It seems the work required is essentially a complete replacement rather than a repair, and road closure is unavoidable. Although not a listed structure the intention is the bridge will look the same as before.
  • The earliest start date will be after Easter, possibly May, and plans will be discussed and then announced as soon as possible. So the anticipated closure from February to May will not go ahead in that timeframe.
  • Closure is expected to be for approximately a 16-week period, assuming extended working hours and no untoward weather delays.
  • There was recognition by Scottish Water of the problem for businesses and the desire for the road to be open as far as possible during busy holiday periods. Various timetables are being considered to minimise the impact, including phasing construction into two stages to avoid peak summer holidays by demobilising for a time.
  • Scottish Water recognises the needs of communities and vehicles for improved signage and routing. A joint traffic planning meeting with all the communities impacted will be scheduled to work through how best to deal with concerns on this aspect. For example by signing just a ‘diversion’ to Aberfoyle, rather than ‘road closed’.
  • Investigation is also being made into whether there are any opportunities for seeking recovery or claiming for financial loss.

24 November 2016 - update letter here
Road re-opened 1 December 2016, but 3-month closure planned from February.

13 October 2016
Further press release here - inspection now complete

8 October 2016
We’ve received the latest feedback about this unfortunate incident from Scottish Water, which will keep our community informed as the situation develops, since it appreciates the significant impact of the closure.

  • Scottish Water is continuing to carry out an inspection of the damage to the bridge at Balfron Station, which was struck by a vehicle recently, and to assess what repair work is required.
  • Scottish Water owns the bridge, which carries a number of water mains that take water from Loch Katrine to two water treatment works in the Glasgow area.
  • There was no damage to the water mains on the bridge, but there was damage to the bridge structure.
  • The A81 road at this location is closed to traffic and will remain so until we have completed the inspection of the bridge and assessed what repair work is required.
  • Local diversions are in operation and, at the moment, are being overseen by the local authority’s roads department.
  • We apologise to road users affected by the road closure and thank them for their patience and understanding.
  • We will do everything possible to complete our work as quickly as we can.

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