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Latest Update February 2017
The planned Stirling Council enhanced £5m flood protection scheme has been given initial approval. In the coming months this will be subject to further consultation with the local community and investigation into funding will be carried out by the Council. An extensive report is available on Stirling Council’s website (removed - reinstatement requested).
Flooding Update January 2016 / Local Drop-in Session February 2016
Stirling Council’s decision-making process on flooding has finally reached some conclusions which should help local residents and businesses, by funding some action to alleviate flooding. This follows several flood studies and public meetings during recent years, during a period when we had several newsworthy flooding events, which although unwelcome have given useful publicity to back the campaign for action.
As part of a 5 year commitment of £3 million for Stirling Council funds to help with flood measures in Aberfoyle, Callander and Bridge of Allan, we expect around £450,000 could be made available to Strathard in the next 2 years. Council officers have focussed their thinking on more immediate measures which, while not adressing the more unlikely and major ’1 in 200 year’ floods, would help with the frequent flooding events which impact our local communities on a more regular basis.
In the longer term a Duchray Water flood management scheme involving holding floodwater upstream is seen as the best option to alleviate high floodwater surges and this remains under consideration, with some action expected to be taken to work towards this as well.
Details of exactly how the money will be spent are still being worked upon, but the current list of likely options reflects many local residents’ suggestions and input – all of which were passed to Council officers and reviewed. The measures currently being considered for funding in the shorter term are:

  • Location of emergency flood protection equipment in Aberfoyle
  • Removal of blockages such as trees in watercourses
  • Property defences
  • Flood warning systems and signage
  • Raising sections of roads
  • Upgrading culverts
  • The creation of a ‘flood fence’ capable of holding back water at critical points in the centre of Aberfoyle
  • Preliminary work on a natural flood management scheme.

Thanks are due all those involved who helped by pressing Strathard’s case for funding, including Bruce Crawford MSP and Stirling councillors, together with many local traders and residents. Also those who attended public information sessions. Many of the actions above are now underway and we currently await more information from the Council and detailed proposals on the flood fence/bund.

Flooding study 2013
Stirling Council has released a final version of the report on the major flooding study which was carried out in Aberfoyle in 2013. The report and appendices are available on the Council website


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